Net Zero Energy, care and convenience combined in Fijn Woning

Constructor Van Wijnen has developed a special living concept that combines living, energy and care: comfortable, Net Zero Energy and suitable for people who live independently longer. For the prototyping phase, Van Wijnen bought a typical 1960s residence in Gorredijk, and transformed it according to the Fijn Wonen (fine living) principle. The house is now used as a test environment and inspirational house.

Changing housing needs

The original house in Ra’anana 10 in Gorredijk was built in the 1960s and no longer met contemporary living requirements and demands, let alone the future needs and wishes of its residential consumers. As a result of the rapid developments and changes in society concerning issues such as housing, health care and energy, there are many people who want to, are able to and have to continue living independently for much longer in their homes, whilst housing costs are getting increasingly higher

An upgrade for the future

Van Wijnen wants to demonstrate that a house can easily combine the large range of housing needs and demands of today and tomorrow, and that this is actually a very interesting business model for housing associations. Being a Net Zero Energy residence, the old energy bill may serve as an investment for the upgrade. In order to refine the concept, the first step was the creation of a prototype.

The Fijn Woning (fine residence), the prototype

Van Wijnen bought a vacant characteristic terraced house in Gorrdedijk. In only a few days time, the property was upgraded from an old-fashioned terraced house to a Fijn Woning with a completely new look. The model home is not only comfortable and energy-neutral, but also suitable for people who require additional care. Take, amongst others, the extra care unit attached to the house and the smart and easy-to-use home automation system. Care (up to care dependency package 4) can be provided at home by home care providers.


In addition to Net Zero Energy measures, the property is equipped with all kinds of smart technology that is tailored-made for people who require additional care:

– A care unit (bedroom with hospital bed and adequate bathroom)

– Home automation (an iPad enables easy operation of windows, heating, lighting)

– Communication equipment (videophone, contact with health care providers and alarm functions)

– External power core (containing the technique, allows exterior maintenance)

Inspirational house

The prototype house serves as a test model and inspirational house where people can do a ‘trial living’. In the model home, residents and commissioners can properly experience what it is like to live in a Fijn Huis. In addition to this, the house serves as a test environment. Residents and commissioners are invited to explore and refine the final result. There are daily visits of corporations, investors, health care insurers, health care providers, residents and many other interested parties.

Current state

After the prototype, two Roden-based residences have recently been realized for housing association Woonborg. What is more, a number of projects for other corporations is currently being prepared, a part of which will actually be realized in 2015. By further optimization of the Net Zero Energy business model, Van Wijnen expects not only to improve Fijn Wonen over the following years, but also to broaden the model and offer it nationwide.

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